The Family

(And Relatives)

Gian (son # 2) and Anastasia (niece) Most photos were taken over Thanksgiving 1999 in Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Jaime (son # 3) and Anastasia

Gian, Bruce (me), and Bruce (son # 1)

Gian and Jaime  This photo was taken on Christmas eve, 1999.

Josefina Esteves (mother-in-law), Magda (wife), Jaime, Gian, and Bruce

Magda (Maggie)  Christmas eve


Anastasia after her ballet recital in Ellicott City, MD on June, 2000. (At 5 years old)


Anastasia in February, 2000. 


Anastasia and Magda (aka: Titi) in February, 2000.

Jaime and Caris, his fiancée at Mike and Pam Pike's wedding in Miami Beach back on July 20, 2000.

Sean, Caris' son, and future  grandchild (2 1/2 years old)


Jaime and Sean

Bruce & Magda
New Years, 2000

My sister Ada's family; Felipe, Melisa, Alex, and Jose Luis.
June, 2000

Family reunion in Coral Gables, FL.

Standing L to R: Emita Jordan, Ruben Arcia, Lili Arcia, Ada Garcia-Ruiz, Anabela Arcia, Devy Perez, Galo Perez, Magda Ruiz, Chila Ruiz, Alex, Melisa, Jorge Morales, Bruce
Seated: Melinda Morales-Ruiz, Gabriel Perez

Magda and her two brothers, Raul and Carlos.  New Years, 2000

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Gian, Me (Bruce) and Bruce : July, 2000

Bruce in Blowing Rock enjoying the fall colors. October 16, 2000

Bruce taking pictures on the road to Misty Mountain. October 17, 2000

Gian in Cones Park, Blowing Rock. October 17, 2000

Maggie and myself in Cones Park. October 17, 2000

Maggie and Gian in Cones Park. October 17, 2000

Josefina, my mother-in-law.  Getting ready for a ride to enjoy the Fall Colors and brisk mountain air.

Bruce and myself at Cones Park in Blowing Rock, NC.

Gian and myself at Cones Park in Blowing Rock, NC

Gian and Kara (his girlfriend) in Orlando, FL  (03/05/2001)

Gain, Bruce & Elin at Down Town Disney  (11/30/2000)

Bruce & Elin

Caris, Anastasia & Sean at the Magic Kingdom   (11/23/2000)

Gian, Magda and me   (11/30/2000)

Josefina, Carlos, Magda, & Luis Raul (the 4 Esteves Venegas')

Standing, L > R: Carlos, Luis Raul, Cheryl, Bruce, Carson; Front: Mercedes, Josefina, & Magda

Carson Brown (our adoptive son), Magda and myself.

Our 4 Boys, Back L > R: Jim, Carson; Front L > R: Bruce, Gian

Back: Luis Raul III, Front: Luis Raul V, Christopher, & Coral

Rualitos 3 Grandchildren

Standing, L > R: Marisa, Luis Raul IV;
Middle: Jose (Iki);
Front: Coral, Christopher, Luis Raul V

Melissa Garcia, my sisters daughter. Picture taken on 03/04/2001, in Miami.

Ada Ruiz Garcia, my sister with Maggie. Picture taken on 03/04/2001, in Miami.

Tia Beti (Beti Bellino, my mothers sister), Melinda Ruiz Morales (my sister) and Melissa Garcia.

Thanksgiving 2001

Celebrated in Disney World

Titine, Anastasia Esteves & Maggie


Titine, Gain, Anastasia, Maggie & Bruce (me)

Caris, Jaime, Bruce, Gain

Caris & Jaime (Jimmy)

Bhren & Bruce

Bhren and Bruce - (Feb 2002) Sean (Feb 2002) Alex and Nicole
Anita Moreno, Ada and Magda Standing: Magda & Devy
Seated: Chila, Ada & Anita
Magda and Rosita & Roberto Esteves (July, 2001)
Gecko house with occupant at Ada's house in Miami. Bruce (me) with Sean (grandson) Sean on his new bike he received from his Dad, for his 5th birthday.
Gian and Magda Sean - School Photo - Nov, 02
Raulito & Daniella
Marilyn, Daniella & Josefina
Marilyn, Josefina, Sean, me, Daniella, Jaime, Magda & Carlos
Jaime (Jimmy), Daniella & Sean
Bruce with Cruella De Vil
Disney World   (01-29-2003)
Daniella, Caris & Jimmy
Hoggtown Fair   (02-02-2003)
Sean and his teacher
Graduation from Pre-Kinder (04-25-2003)
Daniella (at 6 months)
Daniella (at 6 months)
Daniella and Sean (she is 6 months)

Updated: 04/26/2003

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