Photos of the Ruiz - Esteves Clan



Raul Esteves with Gian & Jaime (Jimmy)

May 1981

This is Raul Esteves, Magda's father, with Gian, in the water, and Jimmy, on Raul's shoulder. Photo taken in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico


Jaime Ruiz Esteves

May 1981

This is Jaime, aka. Jimmy, out youngest son. Photo taken in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico


October 1992

Gian when he played football during his Senior Year at Buchholz High School.



Jaime (Jimmy)

October 1992

Jimmy when he played football for Buchholz High School during his Sophomore Year..

Jaime Daniel & Gian Michael

Their First Holy Communion in Gainesville, Florida

 Bruce Charles




Gian, Bruce & Jimmy Bruce, Jimmy & Gian


Magda & Bruce 

Chinese Garden in Panama



Leopoldo, Julita & Bruce 


Leopoldo and Julita Venegas, they were Magda's maternal grandparents

Alex Garcia, Gabriel Perez & Melissa Garcia 

Aug 1980

Alex and Melissa are my sister's, Ada's, children

Gian, Jimmy, Me & Piraguero


 San Juan, PR. a Piraguero is a man that makes and sells Snow Cones (called Raspado in Panama)

Bruce & Pucho 


Jose Luis Ruiz, (aka. Pucho), was my father

Jaime Gian
Like Father (me), Like Son (Gian)


Gian & Alex Garcia


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